16 February, 2009

Adventures in Fund Raising

Last night I attended the premiere of of Mermaid in a Jar--an excellent one-act opera by Rachel Peters and Royce Vavrek. After the show, I had the pleasure of meeting, among other people, Tom Ridgely. Tom is a director, and co-founder of the theater company Waterwell.

Checking out their website, I found this funny and adventurous fund raising campaign, giving potential donors countless reasons why they shouldn't donate to the theater:

My favorite lines?

*"I'm Tom Ridgely. For just $12 a day you can get our Dramaturg the bottle of Pino Grigio she so desperately needs to fall asleep each night."

*"They don't need your money. They don't need it. They're just telling you that because they like to buy nice things."

*"The other day, I saw them stepping on kittens."

Brilliant! I'll be curious to know how well it worked!