27 April, 2009

my boyfriend's back? - a monday morning web meander.

While wandering around Flickr, looking for free, creative commons images to use in the design for my new website (stay tuned!), I came across this gem:

Which, as the title of this post suggests, reminded me of The Angel's 1964 hit My Boyfriend's Back. ["My boyfriend, Revolution, is back, and you're going to be in trouble."] Which, given the creepy quasi-chivalrous vibe --(knight in shining armor?)--reminded me of this song, first introduced to me by Andrew Tholl:

Which lead me to ask: When will Marilyn Manson cover this song? I mean, it would be absolutely perfect.

(Stay tuned for a complete theory of the transformative application of persona in the cover songs of Marilyn Manson, which I swear I will write about someday....once I finally finish my dissertation.)


Sophia Cacciola said...

Courtney Love already covered that song-it's pretty horrifying-you should check it out anyway.

Dan Johnson said...

Didn't Grizzly Bear cover that song?

DTL said...

Hey you two, thanks for the comments. I didn't know about these covers, but they both sound fantastic in their own way. I'll be sure to track them down!