03 May, 2008

How Last Night Began...

So last night, Newspeak presented a concert of music "by, for, and against" Frederic Rzewski. Frederic was in attendance, and was to participate in a discussion/interview with Terrance McKnight from WNYC and me just before intermission. While the whole evening was a hit I'd say, it started off curiously, so I thought I would recount it here.

Me: Hi Frederic! Thanks for coming!

Frederic: Bronstein!

Me: Excuse me?

Frederic: Bronstein! You know?

Me: [blank stare]

Frederic: Bronstein, pen name: Trotsky! You look like Trotsky!

Me: Oh, right. Of course. I do?

Frederic: Yes, you do!

Me: Oh, okay. Well, awesome. Thanks! (?) Should we talk about the interview...?

(...more to come)

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